Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
Fields of Work
· newborns and toddlers
· children, adolescents and adults
   from any level of language proficiency,
   from private and public institutions and
   different backgrounds
· home schooling
· international exams' preparation
· translation and interpretation
Academic Degree granted by
Universidad Nacional de
Río Cuarto (Córdoba - Argentina)
Areas of Study
· PPP model
· semantics
· eclectic approach
· learning strategies
· metacognition to learning
· inter-language awareness
· action zone
· after-while-post stages
· aims
· applied linguistics
· assessing
· audio-lingual method
· authentic material
· bilingualism
· checking understanding
· codebreaking process
· communicative approach
· communicative language
· contextualization
· curriculum design
· deep-end strategies
· directed practice
· discussion and needs analysis
· EFL teaching contexts
· eye contact
· first-language development
· fluency & accuracy
· foreign language learning
· formal practice
· accurate reproduction
· functional approach
· functional practice
· giving feedback & directions
· goals and aims
· graded language
· improving fluency and accuracy
· independent learning
· inter-language noticing
· interaction type
· involving the learners
· language corpora
· language education
· language immersion
· learning by learning
· learning foreign and second languages
· learning how to teach
· memorable teaching
· modeling good practice
· monitoring
· motivation techniques
· needs analysis
· NLP and language learning
· noticing
· noting and storing vocabulary
· objectives
· organizing learning
· pace-time management
· pacing and leading
· paraphrasing
· pedagogical teaching
· perceptual positioning
· personalization
· purposeful teaching & tasks
· raising students awareness
· rapport
· reassuring understanding
· recycling
· reflecting
· second language acquisition
· second language learning
· self-initiated learning
· sensory acuity
· silent way
· skills approach
· skills development
· storing vocabulary
· student's effort
· teacher, peer & self correction
· teaching aids
· teaching in EFL situations
· the audio-lingual method
· thinking about learning
· training teachers curriculum
· transitions
Instruction Abroad
Currently, Miss Laura is perfecting herself in The United States. As Fulbrighter grantee and scholar of the Institute of International Education and the Ministries of Education of Argentina and the United States, she serves as a University teacher for the Language and Literature Department at Fairmont State University, Fairmont, West Virginia. She is also taking postgraduate instruction, in North American culture and second language methods at the same university.
Brief Professional Profile Description

As an EFL-ESL teacher who has worked in several institutes and with students of various levels of language proficiency, Miss Laura brings with her an extensive academic and professional experience. She received her degree as an English Teacher in The National University of Río Cuarto, at the beginning of the year 2010.

Applying what she has learned from her professional developing career, trainings, conferences, and experience, she integrated -with the help of a team of professionals- technology to her curriculum. She was able to publish her CV and portfolio/DVD.

Nowadays, the challenges confronting the training of EFL/ESL students require that the teacher not only creates and modifies curriculums but also that she develops alternative methods to   arses  s skills mastery. Miss Laura's works focus also on the teaching of creative and innovative strategies that may facilitate student's autonomous work and learning of English as a foreign language. She has done research and has worked in two books. The first one, is focused mainly in the improvement and development of the reading skill through the presentation of ESP authentic materials. It is intended for learners and teachers whose aim is to facilitate and provide the tools for independent language learning. The second one consists of four volumes comprising with a set of handouts and activities designed for high school students who have never had prior English instruction.

Miss Laura not only focuses on strategy teaching, she is also deeply committed with the exploration and exploitation of skills within the classroom environment. She works to make her classes comprehensive and interesting for the different audiences and styles, including diverse and varied resources according to her learner's needs and expectations. Her teaching approaches are rich and wide-ranging, considering every aspect of the language system and trying to exploit as many resources as she can to facilitate mastery of the language with entirely authentic input.

As a graduate, student and teacher, Miss Laura has the full support of university teachers and supervisors, school administrators, parents, and the school community but mainly of her students. While preparing herself, Miss Laura has been collaborating for three years in the Language department of the same university; in professional practicum I & II, being the preparation of trainee teachers and the "how-to" teach one of her main areas of interest. She has observed teachers-to-be in action, supervised microteachings, and she has also been part and headed an extension project entitled "kindergarden teaching", in which practitioners were trained in the teaching of very young learners. She presented the project in different practicum courses and conferences, exploring and focusing on teaching methodology and learning styles. Nowadays, there is not much study and research on this field, so she has been working on how to facilitate teachers with the skills and strategies to teach toddlers inductively and deductively.

Miss Laura makes sure to become involved in the solution-searching of the issues in ESL/EFL education in the university and school/community. She had also served as part of the organizational committee of ARPI in different local conferences and workshops and is also a member of ARPI and FAAPI.

Miss Laura has served as a high school teacher working with adult students in two small towns for the past five years. This experience has been very fructiferous for her since she has had the opportunity of teaching people from different rural areas and of providing them with the possibility of studying English for their very first time. She has also served as a university teacher, in The National University teaching adult students, mainly graduates and non-graduates, doctors, MA candidates andbachelors in the general English courses. Moreover, she has also served as a teacher in ESP courses for business men and women as well as physicians.

Miss Laura is very active in professional learning circles. She shares new information on special education with parents and colleagues across the world. She has been collaborating with her colleagues in the profession within and outside the university to share and borrow proven ideas, effective and new strategies, and techniques to make her lessons more profitable and interesting.

During the year 2010, Miss Laura was one of the presenters in the XXXV FAAPI Conference "EFL and Art, learning English with all our senses" held in September 2010. Because of furthering her professional development, aside from in-school trainings, she has been kept updated and attends trainings and national, as well as international conferences. She is constantly searching and researching for new ideas and projects as well as for improved skills to apply and teach in her classroom for her students to perform at or above expectations.

Above all, Miss Laura is profoundly committed with her profession. She is concerned about her students and deeply connected with them. All in all, she is aware that it is in the classroom itself that she faces the greatest challenges of all, thus she tries to benefit of them by learning about her students, their needs and worries and by strenuously working to build their confidence, enthusiasm and attitude towards the language. © ANA LAURA GIL