Curriculum Vitae
Our visit to the Botanic Garden - U.N.R.C.
October 2008

In today's class, we went to visit the Botanic Garden situated next to our kindergarden, in the campus of the University. There, we met the director and discussed the importance of taking care of vegetation. We also learnt the names of difficult trees and planted and watered every plant in the garden.

After our arrival, we organized ourselves and were asked to divide in groups to complete the task we were assigned: to plant 20 different seeds. We were asked to decide on the names of the trees and that made us really happy. We planted and watered the roots and we reflected on what we had done.

Finally, we revised and learnt new lexical items. Visiting the Botanic Garden was different experience for us. We enjoyed what we did and we are anxious to go back there soon to see how our plants are growing. © ANA LAURA GIL