Curriculum Vitae
Play: "Beauty and The Beast"
November 2008

Beauty and The Beast was the result of many months of work, and many people involved.

It all started with a project in which students worked in different workshops as part of their English lessons. Those workshops were varied and included many areas that were studied transversely as part of student's curricula.

We started with the study and analysis of media and its social implication. But then, as time went by, students started to get more and more involved and decided that was not enough. They proposed the idea of working actively with different organizations. So they, for example, collected bottle tops which were donated to a public hospital for the raising of money for medical treatment such as chemotherapy, visited the institution and committed with A.S.I.P.D.I.M. They thought that doing a play at the end of the school year would be a good idea to raise money to help that organization. And that is what we did.

The play's main message and proposed by students as a way of expressing how they had felt working in the workshops, had to do with the fact that inner beauty is the most important beauty of all. Beauty and The Beast fall in love with each other despite their looks. Therefore, students learned we can all love and that everybody is equal, no matter race, gender, age or social status.

The story was told through narrations in Spanish followed by segments of the play itself. This was done for the audience -consisting mainly of Spanish speakers- to understand the plot of the play and to get a general understanding of the meaning students and teachers wanted to transmit.

Teacher's main emphasis was also played on the fact that English can be learned in several contexts beyond the "classroom" itself. We, as well as students, were very glad to share this new and exciting experience. © ANA LAURA GIL