Curriculum Vitae
Adult Teaching: Alpa Corral and Baigorria
This project started in the year 2004, and it aims at providing people older than 18 years old and from different rural areas the possibility of studying and finishing secondary school.

Though we began classes with few students, the project soon became known and more people added to the program. Students work with all the subjects dealt in a regular school. However, classes are given once a week. The majority of the students neither have the time nor the possibility of traveling to the school where we have the meetings.

Despite of the fact that classes function as "office hours", they have proved to be very helpful for all the groups. Learners have been encountered with the need of acquiring and developing abilities as well as strategies to work autonomously regardless of the fact that in many cases, they (may) need the teacher's guide and instructions.

Concerning English, it is worth mentioning that before and even at the moment the program started, most of the students could barely read and write. Thus, learning a foreign language was a great challenge for students and me.

By the end of the first year, many of them could successfully identify as well as produce whole chunks and sentences in English. Contrary to many people's expectations, students expressed their motivation and satisfaction while working with language. Every time they are to be presented with a new topic, students are enthusiastic to learn as many lexical items and structures as they can and even more.

This year will represent the culmination of secondary school for those learners who inaugurated the "distance - high-school program". Eventually and what is to be emphasized about it is that no matter the great difficulties the majority have encountered, their inducement to learn and improve have thrived. © ANA LAURA GIL