Curriculum Vitae
DVD kinder
Portfolio: DVD kinder

During the nine months of our project, the kids got to know and could make use of the language through different classroom situations; and they gifted all their enthusiasm, dedication, effort and collaboration by constantly showing a positive attitude towards the language and also the teachers.

Their curiosity and spirit for learning made possible that they
could greet, sign, recognize and refer to body parts, fruits and vegetables, identify and use colors, follow and respond to oral instructions such as jump, run, sit down or stand up and recognize the different rooms of a house.

We hope they keep on learning the language and that, with your support and help, find themselves in many new situations that allow them to practice and recycle what they learned.

Thank you for helping us and for being actively involved in this project, for engaging us in the academic background of your children, though, more importantly, in their personal guidance.

We are convinced those images are a true reflection of a motivational experience throughout this period.
Thank you "pre-k's" for letting us know you and for opening up your hearts to us! © ANA LAURA GIL