Curriculum Vitae
Books and Manuals
(Program for the Inclusion and Completion of
High School Education for Students between
Fourteen and Seventeen years old)

Foreign Language: English 1-4 - IPEM #283 Fray Mamerto Esquiú
Ministry of Education of the Province of Córdoba, Argentina.
Four level course-book and workbook intended for high school Teachers and students enrolled in the P.I.T. program in secondary education, all over Argentina. It comprises, among a wide variety of methods, techniques and strategies, contextualized thematic units as well as quizzes, self-assessment and systematizations, for students to acquire the L2 through a communicative but autonomous approach.

The material has been thought of and designed for students who have never received previous English instruction and for the instructors themselves, that are to teach in an atypical, multi-level; cultural classroom.

The main aim of this manual is that students can learn strategies that allow the inductive and deductive autonomous intake of knowledge, with low teacher intervention. Their syllabi are based on the American Council of Teaching of Foreign Languages and the current National standards for secondary foreign language instruction.
Enhancing Reading Strategies at High School

A manual intended for Business English teachers and students containing twelve handouts with more than thirty reading strategies and business English texts.

The texts are accompanied by reading comprehension activities and systematizations of grammatical structures to be presented within the context of the texts.
Reading Manual
The main aim of this manual is that students read and understand each text by the application of reading strategies. This is to be done by first solving the exercises accompanying the text. Each exercise will contain a reading strategy which students will apply involuntarily. Learners will discuss the strategy they have applied and will read about the purpose and usefulness of what they have done so that they can follow the proposed approach whenever they are encountered with any reading passage in English. © ANA LAURA GIL