Curriculum Vitae
Essays and Lessons Plannings
Dec. 2009
Children and Juvenile Literature
The Magic World of Words - Workshop design

Plan of activities for the promotion and sensitization of reading for the school community. Selection and assessment of the book "Wake Me In Spring" by James Preller. Plan of activities based on the book. The Workshop is proposed to be carried out within six to eight months of work in eighty minutes weekly meetings.
Jun. 2009 The Hollow Men
by T. S. Eliot

Personal reaction and opinion.
Analysis of the poem's literary devices.
Mar. 2009 Anthem For The Doomed Youth
by Wilfred Owen

Personal reaction and opinion.
Analysis of the poem's main literary devices.
Mar. 2009
Conversational Language
Speech Act Variables Analysis

Observation, analysis and results of the presence of speech act variables based in a script selection extracted from a well-known an American film.
Dec. 2008
Curriculum Design - Research
Monograph and Research

Selection of a textbook.
Description and critical analysis of the textbook's characteristics and materials/aids. Establishment of the relationships between the general goals of the course-book and the objectives of each unit of work.
Design of a unit syllabus determining the goals and objectives of the course, considering the book's strengths and weaknesses and presenting alternatives to work with the students.
Nov. 2008
Picture Books
Cows Can't Fly

by David Milgrim

Visual literacy: Visual interpretative analysis of elements such as line, shape, texture, color and value, composition, dominance, contrast, gradation, harmony and unity, media, drawing and painting, and style, among others.
Oct. 2008 Beauty and the Beast,
a journey to our interior beauty

by Walt Disney

Juvenile play adapted from Disney's original film in aid of A.S.I.P.D.I.M.
Organized by New English Institute.
Oct. 2008
Selection and Assessment of Books
Smart Ice-Cream - from the book Unreal

by Paul Jennings

Selection and assessment of the short-story based on its theme, tone, argument, conflict, style, characters, time, point of view, moral, resolution and aesthetic value, among others.
Sep. 2008
Language Variation According to Gender

Final Project on language variations in real-life conversations in the English language between participants of different sexes.
Analysis of linguistic varieties in spontaneous conversations in relation to the participant's differences in gender extracted from an American reality show.
Categorization of linguistic variables.
Comparison, analysis and conclusions of the research in relation to conversations between characters of different genders.
Dec. 2007
Lesson Planning for
Primary and Secondary Schools

Lesson planning for primary and secondary schools.
Teaching approaches.
Jun. 2007
The Media and Violence Among Children and Teenagers

Analyzing a problem and presenting solutions.
The influence of the media resulting in violence among children and teenagers.
Analysis of the main consequences of violence in the media.
Jun. 2007
Public Enemy Number One?
by Mike Males

Responding to a written argument regarding violence in the media and in social communication means.
violence in the media the cause or the consequence of everyday violence?
May 2007 Causes and Consequences of
Industrial Revolution

Causes and consequences of Industrial Revolution in England.
Social History of the British Isles.
May 2007
Analizing a Problem

Argumentative essay as regards of Public Education in Argentina.
Overpopulation in Public Universities.
Analysis of the main consequences of "Free Public Education" in universities and public institutions in Argentina.
Mar. 2007
Positive and Negative Aspects of
Higher Public Education In Our Country

Analyzing both sides of a problem.
Is public education a guarantee of social and economic improvement in our country?
Jun. 2006
Proposition 36
Why Should We Consider It?

Argumentative essay regarding the consumption and use of drugs in Argentina.
Argument on the issue of the application of proposition 36 supporting enforced therapeutic treatment for non-offender drug users.
May 2006 Anglo-Saxon Legacies

Essay regarding the legacies of Anglo-Saxon England.
Social History of the British Isles.
Mar. 2006 Characterization in
"The Story of an Hour"

by Kate Chopin

Essay on the subject of characterization in the short-novel assigned.
English Literature of the XVIII Century. © ANA LAURA GIL